Magnetic Block Puzzle Hints

By request, here are hints for some of the particularly tricky puzzles. If you're stumped by a puzzle, contact us and we'll consider adding some hints for that puzzle here.

Puzzle 72 - Labyrinth 2

This is a mid-range difficulty puzzle, though it is a bit tricky and has many stumped. Starting position is as follows: Labyrinth 2

The trick is to get the yellow block at the bottom onto the other side of the blue and red blocks to be able to get it across to join with the other yellow. Once you've managed that, you'll finish it quite easily. Labyrinth 2 hint Labyrinth 2 hint

Puzzle 102 - Through the eye 2

Many get stuck on this puzzle right at the end, with two of the transparent blocks getting in the way and seemingly no place to put them. Starting position is as follows: Through the eye 2

If the blue blocks are joined first, the trick is to slide one of the red blocks into the middle gap, which will allow you to slide one of the transparent blocks around it, whilst it's held in place, then to place the other tranparent block in the middle once you've moved the red block out the way (vice-versa if the red blocks are joined first). Through the eye 2 hint Through the eye 2 hint

Puzzle 109 - Intwined 2

This is arguably the most difficult puzzle in the game. Most people get stumped by it and I've even had messages from some users that it's impossible. It's certainly not impossible! Starting position is as follows: Intwined 2

The challenge with this puzzle is the lack of room in which to manoeuvre. The pieces need to be jiggled around quite a lot - don't shy away from moving in one direction and then back in the opposite direction after some blocks have joined. If you get the blocks into this first position, then the second you're well on track to solving it: Intwined 2 hint Intwined 2 hint

And finally, the solved puzzle: Intwined 2 hint